Equipment: San Jose AV Rentals (Company) will provide the listed equipment in working and cosmetically acceptable condition. If the equipment is returned/picked up with damage beyond normal wear and tear standards, the Client agrees to replace or repair the equipment to the state in which it was provided. The Client will be notified of any needed replacement or repair within 72 hours after the equipment is returned to the company office.

Liability: The Client accepts all liability from the use or misuse of the provided equipment (i.e., property damage, bodily injury, etc.). The Client understands that the Company is not liable for damages resulting from equipment failure. If the Client requests assistance to load or unload equipment into a vehicle, the Company will not be held liable for any damages. In the event the equipment is loaned or sub-leased to a third party, the Client is ultimately liable for the equipment, operation, and complete return to the Company. If the Client hires Technician(s) for their event, the Client agrees to assume all risks for any personal injury and/or property damages sustained by the Technician(s) during the engagement caused by the actions of the Client and/or the Client’s guests, employees or as a result of hazardous conditions existing at the location of the engagement.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: All refunds are limited to the rental price of the equipment and service that was not performed. For all confirmed rental orders, a cancellation request is required 72-hours before the scheduled rental date and time. Otherwise, the Client forfeits 100% of the rental total. If a rental order that has been confirmed the day of the event is cancelled by the client, the client then forfeits 100% of the rental total.  All cancellations for confirmed contracts will incur a 50% non-refundable service fee. All cancellations must be received by San Jose AV Rentals in writing. Email [email protected] to cancel or reschedule. 

Business Hours: The Company is open from 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except for national holidays. Office rental equipment pickups and returns are by appointment only.
Payment: Client is responsible for paying for any and all costs of collection, including without limitation, bank and credit card service charges. 

Fees: All equipment must be returned to the possession of the Company by the return/pickup date and time stated on the rental contract agreement. Otherwise, the client can be charged the full retail value of the equipment until it is returned. More often, the client will be charged a 100% rental fee for each item outstanding immediately and every 24 hours after the rental is due. Any additional pickups that need to be made because of this will be subject to an additional one-way pickup fee. If the Company is denied access to the delivery/setup area or their equipment for pick up at the designated time, then additional fees for travel and time will be assessed. If Setup and/or Strike are extended for any reason, the Client understands that they will be charged for the extra time after the rental is concluded. The Client is responsible for all parking fees and will be charged post-event to cover this cost.

Confirmations: In addition to the creation of the contract, the Company requires a signed contract through fax, email, or mail from the client. If this confirmation is received less than 3 business hours before the scheduled delivery time, a $150 Express Service Fee will be applied for each staff member needed for delivery and set up to be completed on time. Reservations. In order to finalize a reservation the Client must complete full payment for the contract total, the equipment has NOT been reserved until this step has been completed.

Equipment Operation: The Client (or their proxy) will be provided an oral and visual demonstration on how to properly operate the equipment rented for the Client’s needs, unless waived by the client. The Client agrees that the equipment is in proper working condition and understands how to correctly use the equipment. Unless otherwise indicated, no on-site or technical support is included as part of this agreement.